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Required: Toon Boy Sam and/or Toon Girl Sadie.

Optional: Small Iris Morph for Sadie. It can also be used to make Sam's iris larger; just dial in the opposite direction. (Link is about halfway down the first page.)

About: "Toon Tones" is a set I made for myself so it would easier for me to do toon effects in postwork and improve toon renders. The set includes sixteen flat color skin tones for Sadie and Sam, twelve normal(ish) skin tones and four not-so-normal; ten toonish eye maps with three iris styles each, one set with included reflections and one without reflections; nine eye highlights; fifteen brow and/or lash colors with matching toon hair color shaders; freckle overlays, and options for darker lips and brighter/softer eyewhites.

The skins are 3000x3000 color texture blocks, so they can be used on other toonish characters (see below.) You will need to do this manually. Poser users can also make use of this set for Sadie and Sam, but will need to manually assign all the material zones. I don't own Poser, but if someone were to convert the materials for Poser users, I would be happy to host the download file.

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( Decoco Family; Kururu; Aiko 4 & Hiro 4; Hiro 3; Victoria 4; Michael 4; Hiro 3 - click for full size )

Edited to add that the A4 figure also uses a mix of CDI Faerime and Aiko 4 morphs; the V4 figure uses CDI Morphia and Morphs ++, and the M4 figures uses CDI Morpheus, Hiro 4, and Morphs ++. The last Hiro 3 images is a mix of CDI Hitoro and Hiro 3 dials. For the Gen3 and Gen 4 eyes, lashes, and brows, I rely on a combination of Aiko 3 Eyes, AnimEyes, samil's V4 Eyez (no longer available for purchase), and my own transmaps and overlays.


Free to use for personal and/or commercial renders and animations. The contents of this file, in whole or in part, may not be redistributed or sold for profit.


Littlefox's Ashley Hair for Sadie; The3DZone's Sadie Hair Pack #2; elleque's Good Girl Cook for Sadie; 3DUniverse's Toon Kitty, and DAZ's A Curious Dead End.