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Required: Toon Boy Sam and Toon Girl Sadie.

About: Fourteen friendship poses for 3DU's Sadie and Sam. (Clothing, hair, and props not included.) Some of the poses need to have limits turned off. Also, you may need to tweak a few settings -- usually hands or fingers -- depending on what clothing you add to the figures.


Free to use for personal and/or commercial renders and animations. The contents of this file, in whole or in part, may not be redistributed or sold for profit.


Sam's soccer ball is from Sam's Clothing Pack, but you can use any other ball or a primitive. The arrow was freebie from RDNA's newsletter, the bench is a freebie from DAZ's Platinum Club, and the round rattan box/stool and skateboard are freebies from elleque. You can substitute other props and adjust accordingly.

Clothing: In addition to the clothing packs for Sam and Sadie available at DAZ, I also used Good Cook Girl Package #1 and Package #2 for Sadie plus textures from trumarcar; Easy Wear for Sam; Loosey-Goosey Dress for Sadie; Deck Shoes for Sadie and Sam; Easy SK8 Protector for Sam; the shoes from Hula Girl; Free Sadie Tee with the Tomboy Tees textures; Cuffed Pants for Sadie; Wedge Sandals for Sadie, and MamoMamo's Tank Top Set 01 for Aiko3, which I converted to Sadie.

Hair: Ashley Hair for Sadie; Banded Hair for Sadie; and The 3DZone's free Boy Cut Hair for Sam (no longer available.)

Textures: Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam.