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Added: Fit for Hein


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Required: Faerie Dream's free Jingle Hat V4.

About: Textures for the hat -- 10 hat textures and 4 metallic colors each for the jingle bell and jingle ball -- as well as fits for M4, H4, A4, K4, K4-Toddler, 3DU's Sadie and Sam, and Nursoda's Hein.

All the fits were made to the standard figures, so adjustments may be necessary depending on added facial morphs. The fits for Sadie and Sam are a little iffy -- those pencil necks! -- but get the job done. Ditto for Hein.

The Poser files were converted from DS3 using the Create Poser Mats utility. The files weren't tested in Poser because I'm a DS3-only user, so these materials may need adjusting.


Free to use for personal and/or commercial renders and animations. The contents of this file, in whole or in part, may not be redistributed or sold for profit.


Clothing: TreasureChest's Ski for Sadie/Sam; Billy-T's Real Jeans M4, Yanelis3D' Singles Shirt-B M4 with Vyktohria's Multiples for Singles Shirt-B textures; Kyotaro's Men's Gloves for M4; Scarf from DAZ's Regency Expansion M4; MamoMamo's Down Coat for V4 and M4; pants from 3DU's Everyday V4; dx30's Flat Boots V4; Esha's Winter Fun K4; pants from Predatron's Truck Clothing; dx30's Work Boots M4; Cute3D's Lady Peacoat; dx30's Tall Lace-Up Boots V4; pants from DAZ's Fashion V4, and gloves from Goldtassel's Winter Cap and Gloves.

Textures: Toon Tones for Sadie and Sam (also used on H4); A_'s Blythe (converted to V4); Morris' Ethnique Megan V4, Alexandre M4, and Eliza K4, and LM Design's Sammy K4.